Why your First Client can MAKE or BREAK your Business

You’ve got an idea for a business.  

You’re pumped, your creative juices are flowing, you’re making strides towards putting the framework in place for when you get your first client.  Your website is done (well at least it’s “good enough” for now), you’ve created your social media pages, you’ve wrote a few blog posts, you’re building your email list ….

But now what?  

Your doors for business are wide open, but why hasn’t anyone “walked in” and thrown down the cash?

The truth is that it’s hard to feel like a REAL business until that first paying client forks over the moolah.  

If you’re an online based business, it can be even more frustrating until the money starts coming in, because it’s likely you’re defending yourself to everyone wondering what it is you “really” do.  Too many people have heard about the get rich quick online schemes, or have seen the spammy ads.  So when you say “I do …. blah, blah, blah …. online,” they don’t really hear what you do, other then it’s ONLINE. And to them that’s just kind of this “out in space” concept that doesn’t make sense like a brick and mortar job.

So when you’re dealing with the outside pressure of what others think, along with the stress of wondering why a client hasn’t taken you up on your services/products, it can open a Big Can of Doubt.  

Business success at the beginning is all about consistency and hussle and staying focused on your big picture goal.

It can get lonely out there.  But once you’re got that first client that has said YES to you, YES to your services, YES to trusting that what you offer is worth their hard earned money, then suddenly your business has meaning.  Everything you’ve done so far has pointed to this moment –  what you do, what you love, what you’ve built your brand around, is now in the hands of someone who finds it a worthwhile investment (and hopefully knocks their socks off in the process)!

Even if it takes time to get a second, and then third client, once that first one is under your belt, then you’re got momentum.  

You Know You’re for Real.  

You’re given the chance to try out all of those things that you planned to do with your clients … you’re sending out a welcome packet, you’re creating an invoice (boo-yah!), you’re getting feedback.  Everything that you’ve walked through in your head a million times, is suddenly coming to life in real time with real people.

You’re hooked and ready for more.  Momentum is like that.  Even the most internally motivated entrepreneur gets a real jolt of business building juice each time a new client says YES.

So if you’re just getting started, what are you doing to secure that first client? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below. 

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